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Our Products

The Better Beagle Co. is proud to supply holistic, natural, and human-grade pet foods as well as delicious treats and natural supplements. We are confident that every product we offer will improve your pets’ health and longevity. We provide a wide variety of premium quality brands in the form of grain free dry and wet food, freeze dried and raw food. We also carry diets specifically formulated for puppies, small and large breeds, senior, weight management and limited ingredients for pets with allergies.

  • Dry: Dry pet food, or kibble, is not only convenient, but is often the most affordable method of feeding. All of our kibble options are all natural and completely free of unnecessary fillers like corn, wheat, soy, and animal by-products.

  • Canned: A moisture rich diet is a vital part of your pet’s health and a canned diet provides just that. Canned foods are less processed than dry kibble and retain more of their nutritional value. We have dozens of canned options in nearly every protein available.

  • Freeze-Dried Raw: Similar to a traditional frozen raw diet in nutritional value, though the moisture has been removed without the thawing or cooking of the product. This allows the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of a food that does not need to be frozen. Because of the importance of moisture in your pet’s diet, it is recommended to re-hydrate freeze dried diets.

  • Raw: A raw diet consists of a combination of completely uncooked meat, ground bones, organ meat, and supplemental produce. It is considered the most biologically and species appropriate diet for dogs and cats and what our pets are truly meant to eat.

Below are some of our top brands. Please visit our store for a complete selection and be sure to check out our monthly specials.

We are animal lovers first and foremost and we want what is best for your pet as much as we do our own. As proud parents to rescue beagles and a rescue bunny, two of the most tested on animals, living a cruelty-free lifestyle is important to us. The Better Beagle Co. is proud to offer many brands that have not been tested on animals.


Let’s educate each other. Tell us what products you have had success with, what products you would never use again and what products you can’t live without. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we will special order it for you. We are happy to offer a price match guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee. If your pet is not happy than neither are we! We will gladly take back any opened bag of food and give you a store credit to use towards a different brand.

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