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Mission Statement

At The Better Beagle Co., It is our mission to support long and healthy lives for your pet by providing all natural and high quality ingredients.

About Us

    My journey to nutrition started with a beagle named Betty White. But prior to adopting Betty, I rescued my first Beagle, a brilliant and beautiful, not to mention a trouble maker, named Ellie! Ellie opened my eyes to the world of rescue which changed my life in so many ways. Because of her, I've had the pleasure of serving as a board member of Thank Dog Rescue, fostering dogs, hosting events and meeting incredible and inspiring animal lovers throughout CT.

    One day, the face of a very sad Beagle popped up on my Facebook feed. She was in the West Haven shelter and had been found as a stray. She was filthy, completely malnourished, covered in tumors and had rotten teeth. It was a face I couldn't get out of my head and I knew she belonged with me. Thank Dog agreed to take her into rescue and I got to be her lucky foster mom. I of course feel madly in love and adopted her right away.

    Flash forward a few months and she began to transform! I saw firsthand how good quality food can change an animal. Her fur was bright and shiny, her eyes were clear, she gained healthy weight and had energy. You would never know she was the same dog that was in the shelter just a few months prior. Although her outside looked incredible, a life of poor nutrition and neglect had taken a toll on her insides and Betty was sadly diagnosed with kidney and liver disease.

    We were left feeling pretty hopeless about her prognosis. There wasn't much we could do and our vet immediately put her on prescription food. I took one look inside that can and thought, no way can I give this to her! There had to be a better option! I immediately began researching homemade diets and found myself preparing batches of food for her weekly. I knew I couldn't cure her but I certainly could provide her with nutritious food and supplements to help fuel her body. I was determined more than ever to extend the life of my best friend and from that moment on I made it my mission to learn all I could to help Betty thrive.


 I loved learning about food and herbs and remedies so much that I enrolled into The Academy of Natural Health & Science, where I obtained my degree in Clinical Pet Nutrition. Because of Betty, I now have the pleasure of working with pet parents everyday, helping them make better choices for their furry family members. Together, we are helping our pets live their best lives and there is nothing more rewarding than that! 


Our Family

Our Family
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